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. the first of tenet tough games on the road did not go so well for the oakland a's in detroit. a day griffith's 6-0 to start his career. everything going his way until tonight. >>gary: a grand slam. that is home run no. 40. the oakland a's are now one game of on the orioles and a wild card race in currently playing in seattle. again, for the oakland a's, this is a tough one. detroit, then the yankees and texas. >> he was suspended for wearing i'd laugh with a homophobic slur in spanish. the president of nfl films died today at the age of 69 after an 18 month battle with brain cancer. it was his father a disabled with one camera in the early 1960's that persuaded pete roselle to let him run highlights. >> being in an accident and then being able to go out and have fun, doing something i love doing, it was good that i was able to go out there and make plays and get the win. >>gary: remember andre carter? once upon a time he was like alden's met. he is now a free agent and the raiders are going to take a look. he was a no. 1 draft choice and then it bounced around. his season was cut short b
nothing lead. right now the giants are leading 4-2. they are in the eighth. 10 game road trip in detroit. thinking about teammate ryan still recovering from the lien drive to the head. face swollen and first strike out victim to start the game. left after 2 innings with shoulder injury. here's moss with two out in the first. 1 nothing a's. all detroit from there. johnny opposite field blast off griffin who came in with a 6 and o record. then miguel admiring his work in the third. his 39th of the year to make it a 3-1 game. tigers up in the eighth. here it comes and there it goes with bases loaded for cabrera again. no. 40 on the year. this one off chavez. 6 rbi in the game for cabrerra a.who is pushing 300 pounds. detroit rolls 1 12-2. after almost pulling off the upset at ohio state last week the task only gets more difficult for the cal football team this saturday. at usc. trojans will be angry because stanford stunned them 21-14 last week. tormented barkley with a ferocious rush. cardinal physically whipped the trojan up front look teing tape the coach said it was that r
of decades past is being reborn in, of all places, detroit. jeff flock with the story. >> reporter: do you remember china like? it is not just shoe polish and the mark. it is watches, leather goods, even bicycles. al be back with a story of a company that is doubling down on america and american maid. stay tuned. liz: it's about the resilience of capitalism. iconic shoe polish maker read launching as an upscale manufacture of consumer goods, ranging from watches to bicycles. david: and the brand has a new home in detroit, which is where our very own jeff flock is with a look at this all-american company. >> reporter: used to be at gm building. they invented the automatic transmission in this building. this is the production line for. i'm in a clean room. this is live and dressed in such a funny manner. this is ready a symbol watches. they said the production line down for the day, but they are assembling watches in america again. has that been done since the 70's. you used to run stossel. you left to do this exciting thing, doubling down on america in investing in america. >> we believe in
there to help you understand it all. let's shake it up. jeff flock in detroit. liz macdonald here on set. dennis neal and robert gray in the newsroom. i do want to start with jeff flock in detroit with an american success story rebuilt. jeff? jeff: we love these stories. you are looking at something that doesn't happen in the u.s. anymore, well, it does now. that's watch making. look at what she's doing. she's building the movement of a watch. and the company is one you have probably heard of, and yeah, i have been urged to explain why we all sometimes laugh when we hear the word shinola. it was a company that was famous for shoe polish back in the 50s and 60s. the principals of the company now here with with me, shoe polish looked a little bit like well you know what? during world war ii soldiers would say you don't know from shinola. they have reinvigorated the brand. everything they do is made in america. look at this, fine leather goods they also do, it's stamped made in detroit. they do everything from leather goods. they are going to do cola, that is to say something to drink. they also ma
of the regular season in detroit. gary has an update ahead. the nfl has a problem on its hands and it is not the players gary arrays and on the replacement referee issue. >>gary: did evening. his family was at the forefront of the nfl the explosion on television. steve sable fast -- passed away today. he had been battling brain cancer for 18 months. he passed away after being inducted into the pro football hall of fame. >>gary: he missed the end of last season in new england, he played with the patriots but suffered a torn left quadriceps. >> one official was cold from did after photos of him on facebook and st. year was discovered. the rest range from $3,500-$8,000 a game. they just want a better pension. >>gary: it is like substitute teachers. with these guys they're questioning every call. i do not think it is as as it is being made out to be. >>gary: the detroit tigers are leading right now 8-22. there is a fellow named escobar from the toronto blue jays, he was suspended for wearing eye black with a homophobic word in spanish. >>gary: manchester city, a tie for t
on to the number one spot. the a's begin a crucial 10 day road trip that takes them to new york, detroit and to texas. tonight's game not going too well. cabrera already driving to third. the griffin pitch that's number 39 on the year for cabrera. the long ball fighting griffin again in the fifth. prince fielder had a laser to the left field stands. tigers 8-1 now. the rangers are playing in anaheim tonight. >>> with nhl players locked out by the owners, members of the san jose sharks are dispersing themselves all around the globe. thornton has agreed to go to switzerland and play for the geneva team. he actually met his wife there. other sharks are headed to over countryings. the nhl locked players out on friday. >>> south bay race car driver almendinger is calling it a learning program after being reinstated today by nascar. almendinger tested positive for amirol. >>> the giants again trying to trim the magic number to win the national league west. the west they can do is get it down to seven by beating the rockies. the dodgers were rained out in washington they will play in a double
. the rough way the a's and detroit's miguel carrera with us leaning curve. this guy has six runs batted in including a grand slam. this allowed the wild card the the forty-niners linebacker alden smith was in a serious car accident friday after the driver of driver swerved to avoid a deer he suffered minor injuries and played every song on sunday the sharks were independently skidding in the event to the nhl lockout comes to an end to players are encourage the will be hockey this year despite the skill base. did police there will be a delay. i don't think will be the loss lockouts. there is a big difference big disparity with the owners are offering with the pet players once they have a way to make up. the oakleys the sharks have a solid fan base and they're not the problem. we are coming back at 11. card hassles? introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card that's easy to activate and can be used right away. plus, you can load cash or checks
field and it was 2-1 tigers. under that girth is pure power. 3-1 detroit. feel my girth. that's his 40th of the year. league high 129 r.b.i's for cabrera. they roll 12-two. he is sticking with his kicker. cal squandered a chance to pull off the upset at ohio state. they have to find a way to pressure him like stanford did in their upset on saturday. disrupting his protection is key. >> we do different things. obviously we don't do the same exactly. it is key to make sure we play well up front on the defensive line, and the line backers. >> well they were great in wedding crashers. vince vaughn and owen wilson were the sideline crashers at the 49ers-lions game. >> do we have a special guest here? come on, you recognize this guy. >> vaughn and wilson are paired together again in a movie set in silicon valley. that's what they are doing around town. they watch the game decked out in red and enjoy the victorious 9er locker room celebration. >> who is better than us? >> nobody! >> fun. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> wonder if they suffered hearing loss. that was pretty lo
detroit new york taxes all world series contenders oakland thought they had break when they left after two innings but agassi off cabrera hit that one of the lake superior and that was just his warmup laps. aid to taggers when cabrera strikes again grand slam of jesse job as the tigers win 12 is to encourage and gets his first loss of the year but the a's still have the wild card lead your a rower. >>> these guys in synch? >>> they look good. not is in sync as the giants is pretty healthy now. >>> them 81 to nothing the sense that there is set out in his resemblance to come before he beldam now with the bases loaded and the double play the giants went 663 when saddam 10 wins now magic number is down to seven. the sharks are skidding four times a week in san as they have to pay for the eyes because the sharks won't pay during the lockout. did ways seems like a pretty stubborn group again with the information they gave me to be a lot of things they're trying to do or try to find ways and is it's just kind of one- sided right now. the arkansas razorbacks are their head coach john ellis smi
. no. 1 in detroit, and they send aj griffin off to a 6-0 start, best start ever by an a's starting pitcher, and miguel cabrera's big night is rolling! and this is the 3rd inning. 39th home run, 3-1 tigers. griffin, 4 and 2/3, 8 runs, 5 runs. and here is the man one more time. his manager says is the american league's mvp. cabrera, a grand slam. he has 40 home runs, 6 rbis on the game, 12-2 tigers. right now the a's stay 1 game up on baltimore. the orioles in the 13th inning as we speak, tied up in seattle. >>> his dad was the found and he carried on the historic torch for nfl films. steve sabol passed away today. he was 69 years of age. his father, ed, in 1964 founded some of the great highlights. he said with my little camera, i can make the game look real special. and his steve followed in his dad's footsteps. and any time you watch espn, any of the broadcast, all the slow-mo stuff, all taken from nfl films. steve sabol passes away at the age of 69. >>> michael crabtree is busting out! randy moss is sitting back. manningham is sitting back, and they're letting crabtree do his pos
that girth is pure power. 3-1 detroit. feel my girth. that's his 40th of the year. league high 129 r.b.i's for cabrera. they roll 12-two. he is sticking with his kicker. cal squandered a chance to pull off the upset at ohio state. they have to find a way to pressure him like stanford did in their upset on saturday.
. temperature wise up and down the east coast you see the numbers, 66 in detroit. we've got dip of cool airust over the northeast, the mid-atlantic. further south and west temperatures warmer. we'll get warmer air by the end of the week and the start of the weekend. low 80s friday and saturday. tropics looking quiet. we're in the heart of hurricane season. there's what's left of nadine. tonight 48, clear and cool. tomorrow 77, not bad. gorgeous day. tomorrow night not quite as cool. so that will be an improve m saturday 82, the chance for late day showers. we're talking about morning showers and a look at breezy weather into the game on sunday night. you're headed out to the big ravens game it will be come and breezy. we're headed not 40s. pack to you. >> we've got some students in howard county. elementary school students are learning chinese and spanish. it's all part of a world language pilot program. sherrie johnson shows us how the program is making a difference. >> reporter: it's not your average class. these students are learning chinese. it's part of the world language pilot program. >
. head over to the website. >> best of rtm. >>> check out this video from sister station wxyz in detroit. this happened not too far from there. you can see the suspect walk into the 7-eleven. as soon as he walks in the door he wastes no time. he points his long barreled gun at the clerk and you won't believe what he said to her. she tess an undisclosed amount of money from the cash register and hands it over. you want believe what he said to her. >> what did he say. >> he said his mom was dying of cancer and he needed money. >> he needs money because his mother needs treatment or he's going to act out because life isn't fair. >> either way it's bed. >> if his mom is sick and dying of cancer, is this what she needs to see her son do. >> hopefully they can track him down. >> the image theta of the guy is a profile shot. they say he has blue eyes and they believe he fled in a dark-colored vehicle. >>> whale gets a big old boat. >> oh my god. we need a bigger boat. >>> little boys dreams coming true. hot wheels. you know you can make them jump and flip and go all over the place. the driver a
-american brands in the manufacturing center of detroit. connell: jeff flock joining us from detroit with the latest. jeff: we promise to get through this without swearing. this is something that has not taken place in the u.s. since the 70s. now we have watches being assembled in the u.s. once again. the company is shinola. this doesn't do justice to the old saying which is you don't know what you don't know. i have the principle of the company. why do you think you can make watches profitably in the u.s. again and why did you choose the name shinola? >> great bran history. it is important we have a brand that has history in the u.s. and manufactured in the u.s. and manufacturing watches in the toy is a good story. >> the sell to $800 and i am wearing one of these. this is what's shinola watch looks like a. kind of sexy and they don't just have watches. at 2:00 we will be back with other products that shinola is making. interesting success story in america and detroit. i like it. [talking over each other] >> this is a clean room where we are making watches. [talking over each other]
the right training and the time and the will to succeed and that is why they are here. >> here in detroit, this building used to be occupied by general motors. this is a place where they invented the automatic transmission, believe it or not. follow me over here. you think you have an iconic brand not only watches, but leather goods, what else? >> journals, bicycles. >> bicycles as well. not only designed, but made in the u.s. this is a story you will only see on fox business network. we love the things, companies who think they can make it in america as well as anywhere else. >> we believe we have the ability and will to make it here in detroit. >> detroit, please noted for manufacturing before and again. i leave you with this, an old shinola newspaper advertisements. tracy: if only. i would get a lot done. thank you very much. ashley: that is the statement of the day. breaking news, closing down $3.31. that is 3.5% drop, the third drop in a row. oil this week alone, the steepest three-day decline for crude in more than three months since early june. coming up, a stunning forecast about
? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? big detroit boo-yah to you. >> man, detroit real estate coming back boo-yah back at you. what is going on? >> caller: >>> i've got a question about pfizer. you said about doing your homework. i noticed i've been reading that are going to split off their division. and i wonder if fiezer is a buy right now? >> yes, i think it is. i think pfizer can go up over time on that. it's a very good stock. i also like a lot of big pharma. now don't forget, celgene is really one of my favorites in the group, and that's good great, as well as gilead. let's go to jack in florida. jack? >> caller: yes, opk health. >> we had fill frost on the company. not been a big performer down 10%. i want bill frost on the show before i hit the bye button because there is just too much heat around this small cap stock. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"! [ buzzer ] >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. >>> coming up, bull in a china shop? with china all but written off, is it time to take the other side of the trade? cramer tur
of opposite field and it was 2-1 tigers. under that girth is pure power. 3-1 detroit. feel my girth. that's his 40th of the year. league high 129 r.b.i's for cabrera. they roll 12-two. he is sticking with his kicker. cal squandered a chance to pull off the upset at ohio state. they have to find a way to pressure him like stanford did in their upset on saturday. disrupting his protection is key. >> we do different things. obviously we don't do the same exactly. it is key to make sure we play well up front on the defensive line, and the line backers. >> well they were great in wedding crashers. vince vaughn and owen wilson were the sideline crashers at the 49ers-lions game. >> do we have a special guest here? come on, you recognize this guy. >> vaughn and wilson are paired together again in a movie set in silicon valley. that's what they are doing around town. they watch the game decked out in red and enjoy the victorious 9er locker room celebration. >> who is better than us? >> nobody! >> fun. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> wonder if they suffered hearing loss. that wa
there was no future there before he came to detroit. he worked there to save enough money to bring the kids over. he said to be successful in america you have to be an education and they could not afford an education. we all work and we all say the, maybe we can afford to send one of them to college and they sent my wife to death. dad. he went to college and got a degree in a program where you work a semester and go to school once a master. -- one semester. i have inherited nothing. we earned it the old-fashioned way. [applause] i say that -- [unintelligible] there is a perception that i was born with a silver spoon. i was born with a silver spoon which is the greatest gift you can have an america. -- in america. 75% of life is set up if you were born well in america. there was a factor of employed about 25,000 women they were saving for potential of becoming married and the work force huge factories. as we were walking to this facility, the number of hours they worked, living in dormitories with bathrooms at the end and they had two girls per room. three bunk beds and around this factory was a huge
in kansas city. the sox win their fifth straight with 15 games left meanwhile in detroit the tigers against the oakland a's. third inning cabrera got that 1 39th of the year gave the tigers a 3-1 lead and later on its cabrera again the fourth player to hit 40 homers this season this one was a grand slam the tigers win 12-2 and they are now still within three of the white sox. hannigan wins this one with the bases loaded he clears them off. those are the only runs in the ninth for the reds. the cubs have just one and the reds win 3-1. j. cutler address to the incident on his radio show today is the kind of apologized for the physicality of it but says he didn't see anything wrong with yelling at web. it was a swinging door at left tackle and color made his displeasure well understood and in front of everybody. today he had a chance to answer back. >> i probably shouldn't have bumped him i will go with that as far as me yelling at him and tried to get him going in the game i don't regret that but i should have bombed tim i will stick to that it was an emotional game i put a lot into playing
it over the other way. prince fielder, a line drive home run to right, his 27th. it's now 8-2 detroit in the eighth. after beating two playoff teams to start this year's campaign, the 49ers look it to stay perfect when they travel to minnesota this weekend taking on a seemingly inferior viking team. the vikings bearly beat jacksonville in week one defeated by andrew luck's colts on sunday in week two. there is some speculation the 49ers are flying to high from the first two wins that the week three match-up could be a trap game. the guys in the locker room aren't buying it. >> i don't believe in trap games. i think we prepare every week for our opope benedict xponent. every game is a game in the nfl we prepare to win. every week it will be a great battle. >> you know where we've been at before in the past? not krocrossing the line and al the struggles we went through. we stay humble and keep working, and fragreat things will keep coming. >>> we end from sad news from football. nfl films president steve sible lost his battle with brain cancer today passing away at the a little of 69. s
teams that are a combined 56 games over 0.500. murderers' row began tonight in detroit. two runs over his past three starts, he never lost in the big leagues. but he did tonight. johnny peralta, giving the tigers a 1 run lead and then get ready for lift off, you cannot hang a curveball on miguel cabrera. that made it 3/1 and right now the a's are going down 8/2. the giants are cruising into the playoffs and could clinch the national league keitel as soon as friday. he has been injured since just to post-season games, wearing the orange and black, has multiple benefits. >> a lot of the pitching staff have driven me crazy over the past couple of years. but it is a good group and i decided to be here. obviously i grew up a giants fan, it was pretty special. that i had the opportunity to be here has been pretty neat. >> meanwhile, the nhl lockout hit in the national hockey league is on. owners want the players share of league revenues reduced from 57 percent down to 47% as our cameras found out today, the lockout is just that. as of saturday nhl players are not allowed inside of team faci
practice. that will be it at&t park. in detroit, this 10 day round trip. a. j. griffith. the great start but he got rocked. cabrera, the grand slam. tigers' victory! 12-2. and the a's have 15 left in the season. >> kron 4 is once again to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. saturday, october 6th. hosted by george and mark coming up, the whirlawthe royal couple, in the controversy of for the nude photographs. it seems like they are doing better. and a look at walnut creek, we are coming back. >> welcome back. the nine day tour of singapore, malaysia showing that they were dancing the night away. he is not bad! >> look at that. and you can see. , you know, i would like you to see out there. and factually. [laughter] and it is notable that they were able to let go of that controversy with the photographs. and the magazine had to pull those coming up. politics. and the political debate slated for october 3rd. also, a pay- per-view on saturday, october 6th after the presidential debate in denver all riley and stewart will take an entertaining and comedic approach to the
are running even, but 56 for the president, 13-point edge in the blue collar detroit suburbs that be critical. this is the birthplace, they used to call it the birthplace of so-called reagan democrats. union households, the president's up 13 points. reagan democrats might break from their party, they're not breaking to vote for mitt romney. >> all right. thank you very much to john king. >>> the united states and china appear to be an o collision course. china has promised to investigate today after protesters swarmed u.s. ambassador's car in beijing. he got stuck in a demonstration which was technically taking place over japan's control of islands in the south china sea. it was an image which got a lot of people's attention and caused anxiety given actions we've seen in the middle east. the move in china comes as leon panetta wrapped up a very important visit. a crucial visit. he met with the future chinese president and on the agenda, the american military build up in asia, which china sees as a direct threat. and in fact, the relationship between the u.s. and its allies has become one of t
)a's lost to detroit) and a sad day for maryland racing...the legendary deputed testamony has died at bonita farm in harford county..he was 32...he won the preakness in 1983, and was the last maryland-bred horse to winthat event..and at the time of his death, he was the oldest livinn winnerrof a triple ccown race...in his 20 race career, deputee testamony won 11 imes and finished second 3 times..he was a blue collar &phoose in a blue coolar town and he ran like his paycheck testamony. dead at 32. john harbaugh talks about turning the page rom the eagle defeat..and our prep player of the week...it's all cominn up at 11:33 as spoots unlimited continues... 3 it's... a... dream of mine... to appear... onnjeop. jeopardy. i think you'd make a great contestant, but as you know, it's not easy to get there. 3 tonight we meet a maryland man, who made it to the jeopardy sttge. 3 (nats)hello baltimore, i'm justtn kowal, from glen burnie. come watch me on jeopardy or else i'll get real crabby.clips #25, #20 have justin's rehharsalwhat is 2 thousand seven hundred 13.the distance justin ko
now from the detroit suburb of sterling heights. john, walk us through what you're finding out as well as more on this poll. >> reporter: wolf, as you noted, mitt romney was born here. he went to high school in the next county. during the republican primaries he told all the republicans across the country he was more electable, a, because of his business experience, but, b, he could put reliably blue states in red. sixteen electoral college votes but our new poll numbers suggest governor romney might have to look elsewhere. it is the defining question in a statement romney was counting on as a fall battleground. >> who do you think would do a better job of improving the economy, the republicans or democrats? >> reporter: romney was born and raised here and his father was governor and an auto industry ceo. but so far all signs point to michigan and its 16 electoral votes staying blue, in the president's column. a new cnn/orc poll shows the president with an eight-point lead statewide among likely voters and a 13-point edge in the critical detroit suburbs. >> he's pretty down to earth wh
and cred detroit there to help working families and lower income people. so again, we really don't know and that's why he has opened himself up to a lot of criticism that his plan would end up cutting taxes on the wealthy and increasing them on middle and lower income households. >> erin, you covered the campaign in the spring and summer and romney and ryan said they closed loopholes in the tax code. annie just mentioned tax code but they just won't tell us which ones. take a listen. >> give me an example of a loophole that you will close. >> well, i can tell that you people at the high end, high-income taxpayers are going to have fewer deductions and exemptions. >> don't viewers have a right to know which loopholes you're going to go after? >> so mitt romney and i, based on our experience, think the best way to do this is to show the framework, show the outlines of these plans and work with congress to do this. >> tax loophole also is there a reason you guys respect naming specific tax loopholes? >> yes, because we want to get it done. >> now, am i missing something, because from what
to the canadian border. >> 60s from fargo to detroit. mostly 70s along the east coast. 80s in the plains. a sizzling 103 degrees in phoenix. >>> all right. now to another one of those heart-warming stories we love. homecomings. this time a dad returning from afghanistan, surprised his little girl at her elementary school in michigan. oh, man. corporal jeff harris actually had gotten home the night before. >> but in order to carry off the big surprise he slept on a friend's couch so his daughter would be kept in the dark. dad said making the reunion special had been on his mind during his whole deployment. >> oh. >> and she's at that age, too, where she's a little embarrassed. did you see her walk off because she's in front of all her friends? >> she is adorable. >> cutie-pie. >> i cry every time. >> i love the stories. i don't quite cry. but it puts a big smile on my face. still ahead, we asked you to weigh in on the secret romney tape. you flooded your facebook page with opinions. nearly 500 posted comments. we'll share a few coming up. >> first, iphones, the new accessory, john doesn't
for the oakland a's, a tan game road trip in detroit. >>darya: we have a little bit of excitement coming up on kron4, the blue angels live as a part of the fleet week festivities presented by jeep and kron4. you can watch a live saturday october 6thoctober 6th at 3:00 hosted by george rask and mark danon. >>mark: i will be very excited we have some great animation to show you the most before they happen. >>mark: still ahead, forbes releasing its new millionaires list. we will break that down coming up the next. here is a live look from at&t park. pigeon >>darya: firefighters are investigating a fire that broke that at a restaurant in pleasanton. fosse another fire happening this morning at san jose at this apartment building. we will tell you how one firefighter was injured and residents got out. >> station endeavor has landed in houston. we will have video of the landing coming up. >>mark: but still look at whether. >>robin: we are starting off once again with fog and clouds outside the door. a little bit breezy with temperatures mainly in the '50s with the exception of the north bay
. the economy was crashing. detroit was going to go under. we were going to lose the whole automobile industry in this country. that is insane. we have turned this around. are we where we would like to be? absolutely not. we have a ways to go. progress is there, we can see it happening. i would say that is the key to our future and that's what he needs to be saying in iowa. we have unique situations in iowa with the terrible drought so we need the farm bill. we passed the farm belt in the senate with republicans and democrats and supported by all the farm groups, supported by consumer groups, supported by environmental groups. the house will not pass it. the house is locked up and yet farmers need some certainty to know what will happen in the future to their crop insurance, to conservation payments, the milk situation. there are a lot of things that need to be done with the farm bill but the house republicans refused to pass it. host: how much time we have on the current farm bill? guest: until the end of this month some of it will spill over into next year. a lot of them don't. if the house
mining accident. realizing there was no future there for him or his four children he came to detroit and worked with the auto factories so they could save enough money to bring the kids over, which he did. and then they had together as a family, said, to be successful in america you got to get an education. they couldn't afford an education. and the kids and parents said, if we all work and we all save, we could afford to send one of us to college. they sent my wife's dad. working and taking a couple jobs and saving your money so that your brother -- so went to college. general motors institute of technology, which is one of these programs you work a semester and go to school a semester. and after it was over he became more successful and was able to hire his brothers and brother-in-law and provide for them. both my dad and ann's dad did quite well in their life. when they came at the end of their lives, they passed along to ann and me, we both decided to give it all away. i have inherited nothing. everything we have we earned the old-fashioned way and that's by work. [applause] [ina
, it will feel cooler friday and saturday. chicago, friday and saturday, as well. 66, 61 degrees. detroit going down in the 60s. >> hey, grover. >> hey, sammie. how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. >> do you like my hat? >> i like your hat. >> you never know what the weather is going to be. >> it rained yesterday. you would have to be in central florida for that to work out for you. can you get there? >> let's see. right there? >> right here. >> okay. >> i'll be right there. okay. going to florida. >> bye, grover. all of that weather was brought to you by capital one. >> take us with you, grover. >>> by the way, sam, what is this picture? >> oh, no. >> we'll find out ahead. >> oh, no. >>> and coming up, babies onboard for jennifer aniston. how the superstar the having the last laugh on all the tabloid last laugh on all the tabloid pital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cas
there was no future there, he came to detroit and worked in the auto factory until he saved enough money to bring the kids over. they said to be successful in america, you have to get an education. they could not afford an education. the kids and the parents said if we all worked and we all save, we can afford to send one to collins. this sent -- one to college. they sent my wife's dad. working every day and saving money is that your brother to go to college. he went to college. he started a company and became more successful and was able to hire his brothers. that my dad and ann's could do quite well -- dad did quite well. i have inherited nothing. everything i have inherited the old fashion way and that is by hard work trade -- by hard work. [applause] i said that because of the perception that i never have to earn anything and so forth. frankly i was born with a silver spoon which is the greatest gift you can have, to the born in america. when i was in my private equity days, we went to china to buy a factory there. there were 20,000 people, almost all young women between the ages of 18-22. we
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